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With the growing amount of financial “gurus” and social media influencers making millions off the internet and marketing products, it makes one wonder… could I do the same thing? Everyone wants a slice of the internet money pie, but what is needed to do so? I will tell you know that it most often doesn’t come overnight, it requires hard work and dedication. Now, I’m not going to sell you some online class that costs thousands of dollars, or tech you how to MAYBE become a social media influencer. Instead we’re going to look at different ways you can build up your income stream to achieve your goal of getting wealthy through the internet.

*Disclaimer: Keep in mind that I may receive commissions when you click my links and make purchases. However, this does not impact my reviews and thoughts. I try my best to keep things fair and balanced, in order to help you make the best choice for you.


Through the internet, there are so many ways you can earn money. A popular way nowadays is affiliate marketing. It can even be done by yourself with enough hard work and dedication! You can make affiliate websites, YouTube channels, the list goes on and on. You can also get into investing in the stock market. I do advise that you do NOT fall for any “get rich quick” schemes, the way that most of those people make their money nowadays is by selling you classes that can be done on your own, see a theme here? Almost every class on how to make money on the internet can be done yourself without spending thousands. There are also things such as freelancing, blogging, and if it comes to it, the dreaded “surveys for money.” In this article I will be focusing on Affiliate Marketing.

Affiliate Marketing

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Affiliate marketing can be an excellent tool for extra income online. Many large companies offer affiliate programs that pay quite well, however you have to have a large following in order to do so. There are also various websites where smaller companies can put products up for people to promote for them, these require less of a following, but the products are less proven and sometimes sketchy. Be sure that you yourself like the product before you promote it, otherwise it just comes across as a money grab. So, how does affiliate marketing work?

How Affiliate Marketing Works

Find a Niche Where You Would Like to Promote Products From

Figure out a niche that you are truly passionate about, this allows for easier promotion. It is much easier to promote a product that you actually like rather than having to lie about a product you have never even heard of. Finding a niche is easy, just think of the things that interest you, and if there is a solid affiliate program linking to that niche, then boom you’ve got it. Examples of niches would be Finance, Health and Fitness, Clothing, etc. All that matter is that you are passionate and there is a good amount of affiliate programs to use.

Create a Way to Promote Products

Before you find a product to promote, it is best that you actually have a plan as to how you will promote such products. You can make your own website centered around your niche, promote your product through forums, make videos on social media, create ads, so on so forth. One thing to note, provide value to your promotions. If you were to promote your product on a forum by just simply leaving a link, your post will most likely get removed. What you need to do is provide further value and information as to why you like the product and how it can help others, as well as other information about the niche that you have that can be useful.

Build a Following

Once you have a plan on how you will promote your products, you need traffic. You need people to see and click on your products to even earn money in affiliate marketing. If you have a website, make quality content to build up a following, promote your website through ads, even promote it through forums (but provide VALUE). Go on to forums and answer peoples questions to gain a reputation that you know what you’re talking about when it comes to your niche. If you have an existing social media account then you already have people who will potentially buy the product you are promoting.

Find a Product

Now that you have a space and traffic to direct to your products, it is time to find a product to promote. Finding a product is relatively easy. Be sure to do some research into the product; find out what it’s all about. You can even buy the product yourself to see if it is really something that can benefit your following. Once you find your product, it’s all about promoting, and guess what? You have already taken the steps to ensure that you have a good foundation for your affiliate marketing business, now all you need to do is keep growing your business, audience, and amount of products that you support/promote! Maybe even branch out into different niches, the possibilities are endless.

Affiliate Marketplaces

  1. Amazon Associates

Amazon’s affiliate program is great for beginners, but that’s it. Use this as a way to get your business off the ground and build a rapport with your audience. You can promote everything that is sold on amazon including third party vendors, the average commissions can range from 1% to 10%, and the minimum payout is a $10 amazon gift card or direct deposit.

  1. Clickbank

This is where most beginners start their affiliate marketing business, and it often gets promoted the most. It offers a wide variety of niche products you can promote, however you have to find your way through a large amount of low quality products. The average commissions can vary depending on which vendor you sign up with, but most commission rates are high. Just like Amazon, Clickbank offers $10 minimum payouts, additionally giving an option for weekly payouts.

  1. CJ Affiliate

I recommend this program for those that have a larger following. CJ Affiliate has some big brands who only allow great affiliate marketers to promote their products. They also offer products from smaller brands, but your content should be high quality. They have a wide range of niche products both physical and digital, and like clickbank, commission rates depend on which brand you partner with. Unlike Amazon and Clickbank, their minimum payouts are $50 direct deposit and $100 checks.

4. Fiverr Affiliates

Fiverr is a great place to find just about any services you need, including affiliate products. They have a great website setup and a great support team for new affiliates. You can find services for building a website, writing articles, SEO optimization, and more. Commission rates depend on which product you are promoting, and the minimum payout is set at $100.

More Affiliate Programs:

  1. ShareASale
  2. Awin
  3. Rakuten Marketing
  4. Avangate
  5. FlexOffers

Website Builders

  1. WordPress
  2. Wix
  3. GoDaddy
  4. SquareSpace
  5. Network Solutions

Online Forums

  1. Quora
  2. Reddit
  3. Forums (Health & Fitness)
  4. MyFICO Forums (Finance)
  5. Styleforum (Clothing)

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