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My mission is to help you get your finances in check!

My Mission

With the growing popularity of personal finance, it is imperative that the right information is being distributed. That is where I come in. As stated before, my mission is to provide accurate and reliable financial information to better your knowledge of the vast landscape of personal finance. I will work my hardest to make sure that the information distributed through this site is the most accurate it can be to help better your future. In addition, I will hopefully in the future be able to provide professional help with retirement planning and certified help with financial advising!

My History

My name is Blake Whitney and I am a recent high school graduate. My whole life I have been extremely interested in data, analytics, finance, and anything to do with numbers! I am a current college student working towards my bachelors degree in accounting and finance, and hope to go back after establishing myself with a reliable company to get my masters degree.

Me (In the middle)

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